15 Best Italian Sofa Brands

Looking to upgrade your living spaces with new sofas? You will never go wrong with Italian sofa brands!

Italian sofas are renowned for their elegant design, exceptional craftsmanship, and luxurious feel, symbolizing sophistication and style in furniture. They boast timeless and chic aesthetics with clean lines, graceful curves, and meticulous attention to detail, exuding a refined appearance. Crafted using high-quality materials like premium leather, fine fabrics, and solid hardwood frames, these sofas offer durability and comfort, ensuring lasting enjoyment.

Italian furniture makers have a rich history of excellent craftsmanship, passed down through generations, resulting in flawless finishes and exquisite attention to detail. Comfort is not compromised, as many Italian sofas feature well-padded seats, plush cushions, and ergonomic support for a relaxing experience. Versatile in style, they cater to various interior themes, from classic to modern.

Italy has also birthed iconic sofa designs, becoming classics in the furniture world. The color palette tends to be sophisticated, incorporating earthy tones, rich browns, blacks, and whites, enhancing the furniture’s elegant and timeless appeal.

Many Italian sofas are handmade, adding exclusivity and uniqueness, ensuring no two pieces are identical. They harmoniously combine beauty, functionality, and craftsmanship, highly sought after by those with a taste for luxury and style in their living spaces.

For those considering Italian brands for sofas, we’ve handpicked the best options available for you to explore and select from.


15 Best Italian Sofa Brands

Listed below are 15 of the best Italian sofa brands to consider when planning on enhancing your living spaces.


15 Best Italian Sofa Brands

TRONA, a brand proudly hailing from Italy, was brought to life by the visionary designer, Christian Tamburinelli, under the umbrella of BLUESTAR Fashion Design. The brand’s inception took place in 1995 when Tamburinelli embarked on a journey to revolutionize the concept of living spaces within his family’s company.

Many TRONA collections feature splendid arrays of sofas, armchairs, and poufs. Drawing inspiration from the renowned elegance of Made in Italy craftsmanship, these pieces are meticulously crafted using only the finest quality materials. The result is a stunning range of designer furniture, effortlessly blending sophistication with functionality to adorn any living space.

Among TRONA’s notable creations is the Floating armchair, innovatively designed in 2006. Cloaked in premium fabrics commonly employed in the maritime sector, this unique piece boasts unparalleled versatility. Unlike anything else in the world, it easily adapts to any setting and can even transform into a comfortable sun-bed, catering to diverse preferences and needs.

TRONA’s global acclaim owes much to its exceptional comfort and exclusive designs. With a focus on high-quality materials and a commitment to customization, TRONA bridges the gap between outdoor durability and indoor elegance, offering furniture that stands the test of time in any environment.

2. Serralunga

15 Best Italian Sofa Brands

Established in 1825 in the Piedmontese city of Biella, Serralunga serves as a symbol of creativity and entrepreneurship, spanning an impressive six generations of the Serralunga family.

Originally, the company began its journey as a tannery, later delving into leather processing for industrial applications. However, the true turning point arrived when Serralunga embraced plastic processing and pioneered the revolutionary rotational moulding technique. This innovation paved the way for a myriad of iconic Italian design objects, including modern outdoor furniture and outdoor lighting, all proudly crafted in Italy.

Among their illustrious creations, Serralunga sofas are the most prominent ones. Exuding a sleek and contemporary aura, these sofas showcase clean lines and minimalist shapes that exemplify modern design principles. The brand’s unwavering commitment to top-notch materials guarantees that each sofa is durable and long-lasting.

Meticulously crafted with an eye for detail, every piece of Serralunga furniture becomes an exquisite work of art, emanating elegance and sophistication in equal measure.

3. Felicerossi

15 Best Italian Sofa Brands

Since its inception in 1922, Felicerossi has earned global acclaim as a pioneer of design in its most authentic essence. Its aesthetic vision harmoniously blends ergonomic excellence, innovation, user-friendliness, social significance, and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

The essence of Felicerossi’s products extends beyond mere aesthetics, as they are imbued with a deeper purpose, exemplifying a design philosophy that looks toward the future while honoring the rich heritage of the past. This Italian sofa brand has gained widespread recognition for the striking and flamboyant design of its products, conquering buyers from diverse nations across the globe.

Felicerossi prides itself on its rich heritage in crafting contemporary upholstery furniture designs, deeply committed to both tradition and innovative research. Its portfolio comprises a stunning array of functional and captivating modern chairs and sofas, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.

4. Gobbo Salotti

15 Best Italian Sofa Brands

Since 1975, Gobbo Salotti has been crafting sofas, upholstered beds, and armchairs of exquisite sartorial quality in their workshop located in Cittadella, province of Padua.

Through a harmonious blend of family tradition and modern production technologies, Gobbo Salotti takes pride in delivering sofas customized to the finest details and sizes, offering the assurance of 100% Made in Italy quality. Their models bear the distinctive touch of international designers, adding an element of style and exclusivity, all while maintaining highly competitive prices due to the company’s direct production approach.

Gobbo Salotti’s refined furnishing solutions unite the most exquisite materials and innovative technologies, carefully attended to by their experienced craftsmen who have inherited their meticulous eye for detail from generations of tradition. Embracing versatility, this Italian sofa brand offer a range of options to their clients.

Those who seek a contemporary flair can explore Gobbo Salotti’s modern design models, where innovative materials and captivating contrasting effects bring forth a clear, dynamic, and trendy style, perfectly suited for personalizing spaces. Alternatively, the brand’s classic line presents sofas designed for sophisticated environments, emanating a romantic and timeless style, ideal for those who appreciate an elegant touch in their living spaces.

5. Gamma Arredamenti

15 Best Italian Sofa Brands

In 1974, friends Gabriele Ghetti and Carla Botti founded Gamma Arredamenti, uniting their passion for furniture. Starting as a small sofa manufacturing firm, they aimed for the medium/high-end international market, which became pivotal to their success.

Centralizing production in the Forlì plant in Emilia-Romagna allowed Gamma Arredamenti to maintain strict quality control, harnessing the creativity and expertise of their designers and craftsmen. Now, they export to 64 countries and have a US headquarters, providing insights into the high-end American market.

Despite significant growth, Gamma Arredamenti’s unwavering mission is to promote the essence of “Made in Italy” values worldwide. They blend research, innovation, and timeless traditions while embracing a clear vision for the future. Infused with a love for design, each element they create reflects a strong personality and intrinsic elegance.

6. Ferri 1956

15 Best Italian Sofa Brands

Established in 1956, Ferri has come to symbolize elegance and quality in the world of luxury furniture. With a strong focus on Italian excellence, each bespoke collection showcases a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, evident in every stage – from sourcing raw materials to the final production and customization.

Dedicated to the mission of crafting furniture entirely made in Italy, Ferri upholds a culture of craftsmanship as the foundation of its brand philosophy. Meticulously selecting the finest raw materials, the brand’s seating and accessory collections exemplify an outstanding creative and production process.

At the core of Ferri’s identity lies passion, a profound connection with its territory, and a wealth of accumulated knowledge that has persisted through the years. These essential elements remain the cornerstones and distinctive values that have elevated the company to the status of an Italian manufacturing excellence.

Situated in the Apulian town of Altamura, Ferri continues to create timeless pieces that define luxury and sophistication.

7. Mussi Italy

15 Best Italian Sofa Brands

Rooted in the heart of Brianza, Lombardy, Mussi is a family business that represents all the remarkable facets of Italy’s prestigious traditional production methods, passed down through generations. It specializes in crafting sofas, armchairs, and beds tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals. Over time, these pieces prove to be excellent investments, as they stand the test of time and maintain their irresistible appeal.

Despite being designed with specific functionalities in mind, Mussi sofas are imbued with a profound emotional essence that exudes an aura of simplicity. Behind each new product lies a harmonious fusion of sophisticated research, where technology and craftsmanship intertwine, traditions are merged with innovation, and novel materials are skillfully blended with exquisite finishes.

Mussi takes pride in its legacy of blending artisanal expertise with cutting-edge advancements. Their extensive textile collection boasts richness and diversity, offering a wide array of options to customers. From sofas to beds, Mussi products are celebrated for their unparalleled comfort and revolutionary features.

While Mussi may not enjoy the same level of recognition as some renowned brands, it undoubtedly epitomizes the pinnacle of high-end Italian furniture craftsmanship. The company’s creations boast stunning and meticulously planned designs, utilizing only the finest materials available.

8. Calia Italia

15 Best Italian Sofa Brands

Founded in 1965, Calia Italia is a renowned company that specializes in crafting and exporting sofas and chairs worldwide. Their unwavering focus on style and comfort has earned them recognition as one of the finest sofa manufacturers globally. Headquartered in Matera in Southern Italy, the brand draws inspiration from the city’s captivating design and concept, resulting in extraordinary sofas.

Calia Italia boasts a diverse range of products that cater to various tastes, offering stunning sofas and chairs that effortlessly enhance any living room. The company upholds integrity, solidarity, transparency, flexibility, and reliability. They also deeply value and respect family, traditions, and the culture of the Basilicata region.

Emphasizing the nurturing of young talent and their integration into the workforce, Calia Italia continuously fosters innovation and dreams, making beauty and quality accessible to all. As proud representatives of “Made in Italy,” they continue to captivate customers worldwide with their exceptional creations.

9. Mantellassi 1926

15 Best Italian Sofa Brands

Established in 1926 in Pistoia, Tuscany, Mantellassi 1926 is a distinguished company specializing in the production of sofas and furniture. With a heritage spanning four generations, the family-owned business is currently led by Nicola Remo Mantellassi and his wife Roberta. They continue to uphold the tradition of crafting high-quality furniture and furnishings, entirely made in Italy, catering to both residential and contract sectors.

The company prides itself on collaborating with master craftsmen hailing from the ancient Tuscan school, as well as architects and interior designers, resulting in collections that harmoniously blend tradition, craftsmanship, and contemporary design.

Mantellassi 1926 offers the opportunity to express individuality through bespoke sofas, each tailored to reflect exclusive tastes. Utilizing precious materials, customized finishes, and innovative contemporary designs, they have embraced the challenges of a globalized market while remaining firmly rooted in the cultural and artistic context of their surroundings. As a result, they have taken on the role of Italian design ambassadors worldwide, maintaining a direct relationship with foreign markets.

10. INNOVA Imbottiti

15 Best Italian Sofa Brands

Innova Imbottiti is a distinguished furniture company hailing from Padua in the Veneto region of Northern Italy. The seeds of Innova were sown in 1982, and now it flourishes with over four decades of expertise in crafting exquisite upholstered goods. Their approach is uniquely invigorating, perpetually embracing fresh perspectives, which is the very cornerstone of their innovation.

Being at the forefront of their industry is a habit they have cultivated, always managing to stay one step ahead. While proudly bearing the “Made in Italy” label, their true essence goes beyond that distinction. The products they create are a testament to their dedication to craftsmanship and quality, as each piece is meticulously handcrafted. Among their repertoire, beautifully designed sofas are some of the most highly regarded, telling the signs of their passion and expertise.

Innova Imbottiti prides itself on being a family-owned business, established by Livio Moro, and boasting an impressively low staff turnover. This tight-knit bond, akin to a family, extends not only among colleagues but also with their valued partners.

11. La Cividina

15 Best Italian Sofa Brands

In 1976, Carlo Bulfoni, a skilled artisan with extensive experience in upholstered furniture, decided to establish his own workshop in Martignacco in the province of Udine. Right from the outset, La Cividina embraced the principles of “Made in Italy,” utilizing solely Italian materials and manufacturing locally in Friuli-Venezia Giula – a region renowned for its exceptional upholstered furniture craftsmanship.

La Cividina’s entire range of sofas and armchairs originates from constant collaboration with designers worldwide. This fruitful exchange has established them as a valued partner in numerous interior living projects across public and private spaces. Their products, meticulously crafted by expert and qualified artisans, distinguish themselves with their exquisite materials, meticulous attention to detail, captivating design, and unparalleled comfort.

La Cividina holds the prestigious distinction of being the first manufacturer of padded furniture in Italy to receive the coveted “Certificate of Italian Origin for Furniture.” This official recognition signifies the exceptional quality of their products, proudly stamped with the “Made in Italy” seal, which affirms that all production processes occur within the country.

With a commitment to unadulterated aesthetics, the use of high-quality materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and an outstanding organizational approach, La Cividina consistently blends comfort and captivating designs, preserving and honoring the rich tradition of Italian manual culture.

12. Domingo Salotti

15 Best Italian Sofa Brands

Domingo Salotti was founded in 1973 as a small business run by skilled carpenters and upholsterers. Over the years, a new generation of ambitious individuals joined the company, devoted to material research and developing products that cater to modern technical and stylistic demands.

The harmonious collaboration between the two generations currently managing the company is a pivotal factor in its success, positioning it as one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of sofas and armchairs for both residential and commercial interiors. Their expertise extends to crafting both residential and contract sofas, showcasing a combination of craftsmanship and adaptability.

Padded furniture, such as sofas, armchairs, benches, and poufs, plays a significant aesthetic role in completing the décor of various spaces. Each environment acquires its unique character through the distinct shapes and colors of these furnishings, creating special atmospheres and a sense of flair. Recognizing the importance of these elements, Domingo Salotti offers an extensive archive of fireproof technical fabrics, specially designed for the contract sector, ensuring both functionality and style.

13. Adrenalina

15 Best Italian Sofa Brands

This visionary brand was born from the innovative ideas of the new generation of Domingo Salotti, pushing them toward a future of excellence in the furniture industry. Since its establishment in 1999, the Adrenalina brand has propelled the Domingo Salotti company to new heights with its remarkable production flexibility, catering to every demand of the furniture market.

From sofas and armchairs to sofa beds, poufs, and islands, they offer an extensive range of products. Adrenalina also specializes in creating banquettes and custom-made padded furniture in both contemporary and classic styles, showcasing their ability to deliver even the most refined and exclusive designs.

Architect Simone Micheli has signed the first eight Adrenalina collections, which take shape as true sculpted creatures in polyurethane, leveraging the deep expertise of the parent company, Domingo. The desire to offer innovative and fire-resistant materials drives the company toward thorough research beyond national boundaries, particularly concerning upholstery.

Adrenalina symbolizes the essence of freedom, allowing for unrestrained expression, audacious dreaming, and vibrant imagination. This is achieved through their daring and innovative range of upholstered sofas and armchairs.

14. Cubo Rosso

15 Best Italian Sofa Brands

Cubo Rosso specializes in designing, producing, and globally distributing quality upholstered furniture. Skilled artisans exclusively handcraft their range, including sofas, armchairs, and beds, using modern technologies and carefully selected materials. The company’s eclectic and dynamic style blends craftsmanship with innovative design.

Initially, Cubo Rosso started as a small artisan workshop in Gravina in Puglia in 2009, focusing on leather upholstery. As their production expanded, they entered international markets, establishing a significant global presence. Eventually, they developed a distinctive style marked by functionality and comfort, as well as vibrant colors, harmonious shapes, and cutting-edge technology.

A source of pride for Cubo Rosso is their fully localized production in Puglia, with a strong connection to the region and its heritage, relying on local suppliers and workers. The brand’s sofas with their unique mix of shapes, materials, coatings, and finishes enhance exclusive settings, transforming living spaces into comfortable and distinctive environments.

Cubo Rosso offers a wide array of high-quality and personality-infused choices, catering to various furnishing needs from contemporary to refined and elegant pieces. Through collaborations with established designers and emerging talents, Cubo Rosso creates solutions that meet diverse market demands.

15. Max Divani

15 Best Italian Sofa Brands

This Italian brand was founded in 1956 in Altamura, a town near Bari, within the renowned Murgia region, famous for its sofa and chair craftsmanship. The Max Divani company’s success was built upon the unwavering dedication and hard work of its skilled employees, who crafted sofas of exceptional quality. The distinct design of these sofas originated from a combination of the designer’s artistic vision, the skill of master craftsmen, and the meticulous work of upholsterers.

Max Divani embodies both solidity and fluidity, reflecting a perfect fusion of time-tested expertise and a spirit of continuous innovation. Its collections of sofas and armchairs offer an array of combinations, styles, details, and materials. These Italian sofas not only provide comfort but also exude elegance with their sleek lines, consistently blending into the home’s ambiance and enchancing its overall quality.

Just like its exquisite sofas, Max Divani stands firm on a foundation of decades of experience. Its core values remain flexible, enabling a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation. Its persona is akin to an elegant attire, skillfully woven with precision and thoughtful design.