13 Prettiest Towns in the Apennines

If you’re looking to visit some of the prettiest towns in the Apennines, we’ve got you covered. The Apennine Mountains, commonly called the Apennines or the Italian Appennino, is a chain of mountains that run the length of peninsular Italy and are separated only by thin coastal plains. They create a massive arc from the … Read more

10 Famous Italian Scientists Who Changed the World

Throughout history, Italian scientists have made significant contributions to various scientific disciplines. Italy has a long history as a hub of intellectual activity in the fields of art, literature, philosophy, and science, which contributes to the country’s high cultural and intellectual status. The contributions of Italian scientists span several disciplines, including physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, … Read more

Public Holidays in Italy

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13 Famous Bridges in Italy You Should Visit

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10 Most Popular Italian Athletes

Curious to know some of the most popular Italian athletes? Whom would you choose to hang out with if you had the opportunity to spend time with some of Italy’s most famous sports stars? The solid cultural values and long-standing traditions that Italian athletes uphold are well-known. Notably, Italian culture strongly focuses on family, community, … Read more