13 Prettiest Towns in the Apennines

If you’re looking to visit some of the prettiest towns in the Apennines, we’ve got you covered. The Apennine Mountains, commonly called the Apennines or the Italian Appennino, is a chain of mountains that run the length of peninsular Italy and are separated only by thin coastal plains. They create a massive arc from the … Read more

13 Famous Bridges in Italy You Should Visit

Evidence of thousands of years of history and various cultural eras abound in Italy – from its well-known works of art to the historical cities and architectural landmarks in every locale. And its bridges are among the most fascinating structures you will see around the country. The bridges of Italy are stunning examples of human … Read more

12 Best Wineries and Vineyards To Visit in Italy

Are you ready for the best wineries and vineyards to visit in Italy? Wine is a popular beverage and a symbol of celebration – and Italy is a country of great wines, with many famous vineyards and wineries. The best wine-producing regions in Italy include Tuscany, Umbria, and Piedmont. If you’re planning to visit Italy, … Read more