The Best Reasons To Visit Abruzzo, Italy

Do you want to visit Abruzzo, Italy? The Central Italian region of Abruzzo is perched in the Apennines and the Adriatic coast, just a couple of hours away from Rome. Abruzzo’s capital, L’Aquila (“The Eagle”), is a lively college town with numerous cultural institutions. Food and wine tourism makes Abruzzo a destination of choice. It … Read more

10 Best Walks in Italy To Trek and Hike

Do you want to know the best walks in Italy to trek or hike? Then stick around. Italy is best known for its long history, art, and food. However, if you venture into the untamed Highlands and along the cliffs bordering the coasts, you’ll discover just how magnificent this nation is. Hiking in Italy is … Read more

10 Best Waterfalls in Italy To Visit

Are you searching for the best waterfalls in Italy to visit? Many people only get one chance in a lifetime to witness a waterfall in person and relax and unwind in the peaceful setting of cascading water and rising mist. Numerous interesting and adventurous outdoor activities may also be enjoyed, depending on the location and … Read more

13 Prettiest Towns in the Apennines

If you’re looking to visit some of the prettiest towns in the Apennines, we’ve got you covered. The Apennine Mountains, commonly called the Apennines or the Italian Appennino, is a chain of mountains that run the length of peninsular Italy and are separated only by thin coastal plains. They create a massive arc from the … Read more