Is Naples Safe To Visit? – Travel Safety Guide to Naples, Italy

“Is Naples safe?”

This is one of the first questions we often hear when Naples is the topic of conversation.

Naples, the regional capital of Campania, is Italy’s biggest city in the south and the 3rd largest in the country after Rome and Milan. However, this isn’t the traditional Italian city you’d normally expect.

Naples is vibrant, authentic, and bursting with life, but it’s also disorganized and unkempt. Yet most people who have been here will tell you that the city has a distinct charm that’s hard to discover anywhere else.

As one of Italy’s most distinctive cities, Naples exemplifies a traditional Italian metropolitan setting. Naples, according to some, is the real soul of Italy, despite Rome being the capital.

BUT – is Naples safe to visit?

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Is Naples Safe To Visit?

Is Naples Safe To Visit? - Travel Safety Guide to Naples, Italy

Well, this beautiful Southern Italian city continues to have this reputation for being unsafe because of the presence of organized crime groups.

Then there are the city’s petty crime incidents targeting tourists. However, this is something that isn’t so uncommon in most major cities and other destinations everywhere, not only in Italy.

There’s a lot of traffic.

Well, there’s also a minor but real risk of a volcano eruption, so you’ve got a potentially dangerous Italian metropolis.

These are all valid concerns, and the reason we’ve put up this information on how to travel safely in Naples is for your convenience.

There is more to this Naples travel safety guide other than answering if the city is safe to visit or not.

We’ve also done the legwork for you – whether you’re a solitary female traveler, visiting with a family in tow, a foodie, someone who prefers to drive, or if you just want the facts and figures about Naples’ safety.

Is Naples Safe? – Travel Safety Guide to Naples, Italy

Is Naples Safe To Visit? - Travel Safety Guide to Naples, Italy

First-time visitors are sure to ask if Naples is a safe place to visit, which is understandable, so we won’t sugarcoat anything. Neapolitan street violence does exist, and travelers are common prey for pickpockets, particularly in tourist hot areas.

Scampia and Secondigliano, Naples’ two most dangerous neighborhoods, should be avoided at all costs. However, because these areas are located around 10 kilometers north of the city center and do not have any tourist attractions, travelers are unlikely to visit them.

Take a few safety precautions while visiting Naples, and you won’t have any problems. You don’t want to look like a naïve tourist so keep your cameras and jewelry hidden, and don’t use your map in public! Bags and purses should be kept safe, especially on public transportation and in eateries.

Be on the lookout for pickpockets and con artists when visiting popular tourist destinations. Don’t go into areas that make you feel unsafe.

Generally speaking, most visitors to Naples report feeling safe, despite Naples not making it to our list of the safest cities in Italy. Violent crime in Naples is also not as prevalent as the media portrays it to be.

Many people were anxious about visiting but were pleasantly pleased by the city when they got there.

Naples Travel Safety Guide: What About the Mafia?

Is Naples Safe To Visit? - Travel Safety Guide to Naples, Italy

The Mafia indeed holds considerable sway in Italy, but you shouldn’t be alarmed. All countries have mobsters, but they’re referred to in different ways.

Shooting individuals on the street or engaging in any criminal activity is dealt with by the police. If it happens at all, it isn’t any more often than anywhere else in the world.

The Mafia has been given a lot of attention by Hollywood, but it’s not something you’ll see while strolling around the city. If you’re wondering, no, The Godfather movie will not happen to you while you’re in Naples.

Let’s take a look at what we know about the mafia in Naples.

Is Naples Safe? – Mafia in Naples

Is Naples Safe To Visit? - Travel Safety Guide to Naples, Italy

It is the Camorra, Italy’s oldest organized crime syndicate, that people are afraid of. There are reports that it is a highly-organized mafia system that is constantly engaged in territorial disputes.

The war between so-called “baby gangs” claimed several victims a few years ago. Nine persons were killed in 2017 as a result of the gang war. Most of them have some connection to or involvement with the Camorra’s business. It wasn’t as though thugs were strolling the streets and randomly shooting people.

The authorities eventually instituted a zero-tolerance policy following these events in 2017. In Naples’ downtown area, armed troops may be seen everywhere for the safety of residents and tourists.

Is Naples safe during the peak of the summer season? The answer is “yes.” Despite the Naples population getting tripled during this season, the city remains safe.

As for the Mafia, Naples is safe for tourists, and still a good place to visit.

Naples Travel Safety Guide: Warnings and Dangers in Naples

Is Naples Safe To Visit? - Travel Safety Guide to Naples, Italy

Overall Risk: Moderate

Although organized crime is a concern in Naples, it does not affect the city’s tourism. The Piazza Garibaldi train station, where bag-snatching is most widespread, has a high risk of petty crime.

At Garibaldi, as well as on other public transport including trams, buses, and the metro, tourists should exercise extreme caution to avoid being a victim of theft.

• Mugging Risk: Moderate

Be wary of motorbike robbers because the possibility of being robbed exists. Try to avoid Via Marina and Scampia, which are in the most dangerous district, stick in groups and avoid suspicious-looking persons surrounding you, especially at night.

Pickpockets Risk: High

The goal of pickpockets is to take advantage of a tourist who is preoccupied, so avoid carrying a lot of cash and don’t show off your costly mobile phones or cameras in Naples’ city center.

Scams Risk: Moderate

There are many street scammers in Naples. Avoid eye contact and focus on where you need to go to avoid being approached, even if they are trying to sell you anything. If you need to ask for directions, ask the armed troops, police, or the staff from an establishment such as security guards or receptionists.

Terrorism Risk: Moderate

Terrorist attacks are impossible to forecast, and the threat looms large. Italian government people are the primary target of domestic terrorism in Naples. If something like this happens, you should be on the lookout and obey any instructions given by the police.

Natural Disasters Risk: Moderate

Earthquakes are a potential natural hazard in Naples. There is no additional significant danger.

Transport and Taxis Risk: Moderate

Make sure the meter is running or figure out the cost of the ride in advance to avoid being overcharged by taxi drivers.

Make sure you only use licensed taxis with a city crest and a taxi number on the door.

Pedestrians in Naples should be on the lookout for excessive traffic.

Motorcyclists and scooterists in particular are notorious for their reckless driving.

Women Travelers Risk: Moderate

As long as they apply common sense and avoid seedy locales, Naples is generally a safe destination for female tourists. Drink spiking is widespread, therefore, it’s best to avoid walking alone or leaving your drink unattended in a pub or club.

Naples Travel Safety Guide: Safe and Unsafe Areas in Naples for Tourists

Is Naples Safe To Visit? - Travel Safety Guide to Naples, Italy

Both safe and dangerous neighborhoods can be found in Naples.

At night, the area around the central station (Piazza Garibaldi) can be dangerous, as well as the Quartieri Spagnoli (Spanish Quarter).

The Piazza del Gesu Nuovo, located west of the city center, should also be avoided. There are a lot of bars in the area, and drunk clients may start fights. As a popular hangout for many gangs, it is frequently the scene of violent clashes.

Safe areas in Naples for tourists to stay in are:

• Centro Storico – Old Town

Despite the high rate of small crime in the Centro Storico, the heart of Naples, we recommend that you remain there. Plus, this is a wonderful and enchanting destination to visit and if you can score good deals on accommodations near the area, try to take advantage of that as well.

• Vomero

This neighborhood in Naples is located on one of the hills, and the views from there of the city below are spectacular. A large number of upscale businesses and restaurants can be found in this extremely prosperous neighborhood.

• Chiaia

This is a waterfront neighborhood where you’ll find the sophisticated Chiaia restaurant, close to the south of Naples’ city center. It is also known for its upscale boutiques, picturesque streets with winding paths, and fantastic, vibrant atmosphere in the evenings.

Emergency Contacts in Naples

Is Naples Safe To Visit? - Travel Safety Guide to Naples, Italy

Emergency Phone Numbers

Local Police: 113

Military Police: 112

Ambulance: 118

Fire: 115

**Please do not use any numbers from your own country. Use only the ones listed above.

Notifications and Updates on Security

Register with the Department of Foreign Affairs in your home country to receive up-to-date information and warnings regarding the rapidly evolving security situation in Naples and Italy.

According to Numbeo, crime rate in Naples is just a few points higher than that in Rome. So, is Naples safe to visit? It is, just follow the Naples travel safety guide provided here and you’re good to go. Happy travels!