10 Best Restaurants in Lake Garda, Italy

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Lake Garda, Italy?

Lake Garda is Italy’s largest lake that is located in the middle of three different regions. Around the lake are a number of picturesque towns that, in addition to their delectable cuisine and excellent wine, are popular destinations for tourists.

On the shores of Lake Garda, there is a diverse selection of places to eat, ranging from simple farmhouses and pizzerias to high-end fine dining establishments and restaurants with Michelin stars. In each and every restaurant, the priority is always placed on ensuring that the ingredients are of the highest possible freshness and quality.

Thinking about going on a trip to one of Italy’s most stunning lakes? Keep scrolling for our list of restaurants in Lake Garda, Italy.

10 Best Restaurants in Lake Garda, Italy

Best Restaurants in Lake Garda, Italy

Here are the 10 best Lake Garda restaurants you shouldn’t miss when in this part of Italy.

1. Ristorante Esplanade

Best Restaurants in Lake Garda, Italy

Address: Via Lario, 3, 25015 Desenzano del Garda BS, Italy

If you’re looking for a fantastic gourmet restaurant while enjoying a divine lakeside dining experience, look no further and dine at the Michelin-starred Ristorante Esplanade.

Esplanade is one of the best places to dine in along Lake Garda, with both outdoor seating overlooking the water and refined, elegant interiors that can be found at this well-known restaurant.

The menu features a wide variety of options, with an equal balance of meat and fish, most of the latter coming from Sardinia, but without sacrificing quality in any way. The ingredients, technical precision, and presentation of the dishes are all top-notch. What’s more, the serving sizes are surprisingly generous; it would be difficult to find another restaurant that offers such substantial portions without sacrificing quality.

Aficionados of sparkling wine will also appreciate the restaurant’s extensive wine list, which features bottles from Italy, France, Spain, and even England.

2. Ristorante Casa Leali

Best Restaurants in Lake Garda, Italy

Address: Via Valle, 1, 25080 Puegnano sul Garda BS, Italy

Ristorante Casa Leali is an exceptional dining establishment can be found within a building dating back to the 15th century that is situated in the middle of the town.

Enjoy delicious spaghetti, Aglio olio, and salo at Ristorante Casa Leali. Diners can also indulge in mouthwatering dishes that are inspired by local cuisine and feature subtle flavors that are well-balanced and artistically combined.

This Lake Garda restaurant also offers a selection of wines, cordials, and fino sherry.

3. Il Fagiano – Grand Hotel Fasano del Garda

Address: Corso Giuseppe Zanardelli, 190, 25083 Gardone Riviera BS, Italy

Il Fagiano’s executive chef is responsible for the restaurant’s three tasting menus. Its dishes can also be selected in à la carte style, which features the chef’s highly imaginative cuisine full of carefully balanced textures and flavors.

All of the patrons agree that this restaurant serves excellent Italian food. Black cod, foie gras, and risotto are highly recommended by previous diners.

Situated at the Grand Hotel Fasano which sits directly on Lake Garda, its outdoor dining space is very appealing.

All these things make Il Fagiano one of the famous restaurants in Lake Garda.

4. Lido 84

Best Restaurants in Lake Garda, Italy

Address: Corso Giuseppe Zanardelli, 196, 25083 Gardone Riviera BS, Italy

Lido 84, which can be found on the shores of Lake Garda, one of the most beautiful lakes not only in Northern Italy but in the whole il Bel Paese, is an absolute haven for anyone who is in search of delicious food and friendly service.

The dishes at Lido 84, which use ingredients from Lake Garda and the area’s verdant pastures, can be sampled from both a traditional and a modern tasting menu. Especially notable are the 400° aubergine Parmigiana and the torta delle rose. Cacio e pepe en vessie, rigatoni pasta cooked inside a pig’s bladder with pecorino cheese and juices from the bladder, is the dish that steals the show every time it’s brought to the table.

Lido 84 is located in the town of Gardone Riviera, on the western coast of Lake Garda. The place is akin to a large, verdant garden – an absolute must-not-miss when in the area!

5. Civico 7 Pub & Bar

Best Restaurants in Lake Garda, Italy

Address: Via Duomo, 7, 25087 Salò BS, Italy

One of the most popular Lake Garda restaurants on our list is Civico 7, which is just a stone’s throw away from the fabulous lake.

Civico 7 Pub & Bar is a true gem and will let you have a nice and exquisite seafood cuisine experience. Prices are a bit higher than those of average diners around the area, but it’s worth it.

You shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to sample their delicious octopus, spaghetti with shrimp tartar, and salmon with curry. In addition, a decent primitive wine can also be ordered here.

6. Ristorante Balí

Address: Via Lungalo d’Annunzio, 44, 25083 Gardone Riviera BS, Italy

Definitely, a place to dine and relax after an adventure at Lake Garda. This restaurant offers Italian and Mediterranean cuisine that you should give a try.

Ristorante Balí serves nicely cooked antipasto, branzino, and spaghetti vongole. You can also enjoy wine, gin, or cordial at this place or treat yourself to some delicious tiramisu and ice cream.

It is clear that the owners of this restaurant place a high priority on providing professional service, as evidenced by the way the wait staff treat each patron with respect.

7. Antica Trattoria Miravelle

Best Restaurants in Lake Garda, Italy

Address: Via Sant’Antonio, 15, 25080 Polpenazze del Garda BS, Italy

Chef Claudio Bodei and his team of young chefs run the show in the kitchen at the Antica Trattoria Miravalle, one of the most popular restaurants in Lake Garda.

High-quality raw materials, sourced with consideration for the changing of the seasons and a preference for a local fare, are the foundation of this restaurant’s product.

The restaurant’s core values are teamwork, professionalism, and a willingness to experiment with what traditional cuisine has to offer; the kitchen is especially close to the tradition of Brescia and lower Garda, but it is enriched by more modern reinterpretations. Degust antipasto and good fish dishes in this restaurant.

Cordial, prosecco, and gin are among their popular drinks.

8. Osteria Metti

Best Restaurants in Lake Garda, Italy

Address: Localita Incaffi, 32, 37010 Affi VR, Italy

Make your food lover’s dream happen at Osteria Metti. Before indulging in their main course of a giant T-bone steak that has been cooked to perfection, take a moment to savor a board of assorted meats and cheeses accompanied by some incredible jam and relishes.

There is also an excellent selection of pasta dishes on the menu, including ravioli. It is a must that you sample the prosecco, cordial, and gin that are offered there.

Diners have a high regard for this establishment and consider it to be among the best Lake Garda restaurants due to the excellent quality of both the food and the service.

9. Trattoria alle Trote

Address: Via Bariaga, 24, 25085 Gavardo BS, Italy

Trattoria alle Trote is a hidden spot for culinary delights in the west of the lake, making it one of the best Lake Garda restaurants.

Diners can’t help but rave about the Italian food here. They serve very nice antipasto, and the best dishes are tagliatelle and trout. Many wine critics have claimed that the wine tastes great at this place.

You have the option of eating your meal either inside or outside, and you can count on the wait staff to attend to you in a friendly manner.

10. Ristorante Locanda al Cardellino

Best Restaurants in Lake Garda, Italy

Address: Via Pralesi, 14, 37011 Bardolino VR, Italy

Experience genuine Italian fine dining at Ristorante Locanda al Cardellino in Bardolino.

Dishes such as ravioli and fillet steaks might be what you need after a day of enjoying Lake Garda’s majestic view. Here you may enjoy cordial, grappa, or Amarone wine or take a sip of espresso, lemonade, or cortado.

The atmosphere is pretty much Italian inside a very lovely garden. It’s slightly out of the main town of Bardolino, but it’s worth the short trip. Truly a gem for its excellent service, great food and reasonable prices!

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