Where To Have the Best Gelato in Milan: Top 10 Gelaterias in the City

Milan, the city of fashion, art, and culture, has a sweet surprise for you – delicious gelato!

Now, gelato might sound like your everyday ice cream, but trust me, it’s a whole different level of yum. It’s more milk, less cream – which means less fat and a denser, dreamier texture.

And here’s the secret ingredient – gelato is served a bit warmer than ice cream, giving it an extra burst of flavor and creaminess that will make your taste buds do a happy dance.

So, when you’re strolling through Milan’s chic streets, take a gelato break and treat yourself to a scoop of pure Italian joy!

So, where to have the best gelato in Milan? Let’s take you to the best gelato shops in Milan, Italy. Keep scrolling!

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10 Best Gelato Shops in Milan, Italy

10 Best Gelato Shops in Milan, Italy

Milan literally has hundreds of gelato shops, or gelaterias (Italian: gelaterie), where you can enjoy this sweet treat. But how do you choose the best ones?

There are many factors to consider, such as the quality of the ingredients, the variety of the flavors, the freshness of the product, and the atmosphere of the place.

To help you with your decision, here’s a list of the 10 best gelato shops in Milan for you to consider. Buon appetito!

1. Il Massimo del Gelato

Location: Via Lodovico Castelvetro, 18, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

This gelato place in Milan has lots of mouthwatering flavors to choose from. They’ve got fruit ones; but if you love chocolate, you’ll be really happy here. They have at least 8 types of chocolate, including one that’s 100% good.

It’s one of the best places for gelato in Milan, and I really recommend it. While there might be a line on weekends or summer evenings, it’s guaranteed to be totally worth waiting for.

The gelateria is called Il Massimo del Gelato, which means “the best of all gelato.” A lot of customers agree with that. They’re famous for their rich and creamy gelato made with fresh milk, eggs, and good ingredients. Especially if you love chocolate – they’ve got 10 different kinds, from classic to spicy.

If you’re a chocolate fan, you can’t miss Il Massimo del Gelato!

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2. Gelateria Paganelli

10 Best Gelato Shops in Milan, Italy

Location: Via Adda, 3, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

This gelato place has been around since 1930, started by Ugo Paganelli. Now, his grandson is the one keeping the gelateria so awesome. You might not find many seats inside, so if it’s busy, grab your gelato to go.

It’s kind of tucked away on a small street, so you might want to aim for it rather than just stumbling upon it. People say it’s one of the best gelato spots in Milan, and I totally agree. The prices are fair, and they have a ton of great flavors.

Gelateria Paganelli uses fresh, seasonal ingredients and changes up their flavors every day based on what’s at the market. They get pretty creative with stuff like ricotta and hazelnut, pumpkin and amaretto, or mascarpone and caramelized figs.

Their star flavor is called “Principe,” and it’s Venezuelan chocolate gelato with coffee, star anise, and cardamom. It’s seriously delicious!

3. Gelato Giusto

10 Best Gelato Shops in Milan, Italy

Location: Via S. Gregorio, 17, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

This cozy spot serves amazing, carefully sourced, and handmade ice cream with creative flavors, including options for vegans. Vittoria Bortolazzo, a pastry chef with a diploma from Le Cordon Bleu, runs this gelateria and puts a lot of care into making her gelato, using fresh, natural ingredients and adding artistic touches.

The flavors are not only delicious but also look pretty. You can choose from classic to adventurous options like salted pistachio, lemon and vanilla cream, and ginger and lime. What’s even more special is that Bortolazzo makes her own chocolate for the chocolate ice creams, which is quite rare in the world of gelato.

If you’re a fan of dark chocolate, you’re in for a treat! They have probably the best dark chocolate gelato in Italy. Try the Venezuelan dark for a massive chocolate hit that’s perfectly balanced.

4. Cioccolatitaliani

10 Best Gelato Shops in Milan, Italy

• Via S. Raffaele, 6, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
• Via Nerino, 11, 20123 Milano MI, Italy
• Via Torino 60, angolo Piazzetta San Giorgio, 20123 Milano, MI, Italy

Cioccolatitaliani is a chocolate lover’s paradise! They offer heavenly gelato, delicious chocolate bars, cakes, and drinks, all crafted with top-quality chocolate from Ecuador, Madagascar, and Venezuela.

Indulge in their decadent gelato flavors like rich dark chocolate with orange, white chocolate with pistachio, and classic milk chocolate with hazelnut. Customize your treat with toppings, sauces, and whipped cream for a truly personal experience.

For an unforgettable chocolate delight, Cioccolatitaliani is the go-to spot!

5. RivaReno

10 Best Gelato Shops in Milan, Italy

• Viale Col di Lana, 8, 20136 Milano MI, Italy
• Via Mercato, 20, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

Get ready for a flavor journey at RivaReno Gelateria! Their ice cream is a daily dose of freshness, crafted with natural ingredients and a promise to keep things free from artificial additives. And the creaminess is on another level!

The flavors at RivaReno are a mix of classics like chocolate and hazelnut, alongside exotic gems like passion fruit and mango. But here’s the exciting part – meet the “cremino.” It’s a gelato masterpiece with layers of joy – gelato, whipped cream, and more gelato, all in one cup. Talk about a sweet surprise!

Whether you’re into the tried-and-true or feeling adventurous, RivaReno is here to make your gelato dreams come true. So, why wait? Dive into a cup of happiness at RivaReno Gelateria!

6. Terra Gelato

10 Best Gelato Shops in Milan, Italy

Address: Via Vitruvio, 38, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Terra Gelato is a hidden gem in Milan – a beloved secret among locals, celebrated for its contemporary and eco-conscious ethos. With a cozy mezzanine, this gelateria is the perfect place to savor their delightful treats. The service is not just quick; the friendly staff is always ready to chat about their amazing gelatos.

Terra Gelato stands out with its modern, sustainable approach — crafted with organic ingredients, no chemicals, and a zero-waste philosophy. Their innovative flavors cater to food enthusiasts, offering delights like pistachio with chili pepper, lemon and lavender, and caramel and cookies.

Terra Gelato invites you on a palate quest beyond the beloved strawberry. Delight in the tempting Amalfi lemon, rich Sicilian pistachio, and the indulgence of caramel and cookies. Every scoop reflects their commitment to making amazing gelato with love, care, and a sprinkle of pure joy!

7. Ciacco Lab

10 Best Gelato Shops in Milan, Italy

Address: Via Spadari, 13, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Step into a trendy café and dessert haven that brings together the best of both worlds – coffee and a delightful array of ice cream, including tempting options for vegans. Ciacco Lab is where every visit becomes a journey into experimentation and innovation in the world of gelato.

Ciacco Lab is your flavor laboratory, crafting unparalleled gelato with fresh, local ingredients. It believes in inclusivity, offering vegan and gluten-free options that cater to various dietary preferences. They even host gelato workshops for those eager to unravel the secrets of gelato making.

Nestled not far from the Duomo, Ciacco Lab is not just a place to savor extraordinary flavors; it’s a destination where creativity meets indulgence. So, if you’re up for a tasty adventure, this is the spot to be!

8. Enrico Rizzi

10 Best Gelato Shops in Milan, Italy

Address: Via Cesare Correnti, 5, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

This gelato place is like a fancy dessert spot! They make gelato using the best stuff and cool techniques. They have lots of macaron flavors, and you can mix them with ice cream for a super special treat. The place is a bit hard to find, so keep an eye out.

Enrico Rizzi, the chef, is a pro at making gelato – he’s won awards for it! His gelato is really smooth and yummy, with flavors like Tahitian vanilla, Piedmont hazelnut, and Colombian coffee.

Enrico Rizzi offers not just gelato; they also have pastries, chocolates, and macarons for a complete sweet treat.

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9. Cerdini & Quenardel – Gelato e Champagne

10 Best Gelato Shops in Milan, Italy

Address: Via Cusani, 10, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

At this chic and classy gelateria, you can treat yourself to a delightful combination of gelato and champagne. The gelato at Cerdini & Quenardel is crafted with care using natural ingredients and artisanal methods, resulting in refined and delicate flavors like rose, jasmine, or saffron.

As for the champagne, only the finest selections from top producers make the cut, perfectly paired with the gelato for a harmonious and sparkling experience. What’s even better is that you get generous portions of these delicious treats at an affordable price.

Whether it’s a romantic date or a special occasion, this place ticks all the boxes with its charming ambiance, affordable indulgence, and delightful products. It’s a surefire way to turn any moment into a sweet and memorable experience!

10. Vanilla Gelati Italiani

10 Best Gelato Shops in Milan, Italy

Address: Via Pattari, 2, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

Indulge in a delightful array of fruit sundaes and classic ice creams at this Vanilla Gelati Italiani, where they go the extra mile with options for vegans, as well as those seeking sugar- and dairy-free delights. The cozy cafe seating adds to the charm of your experience.

Vanilla Gelati Italiani makes ice cream that’s not just good but excellent. They source high-quality ingredients from Italy and around the globe, infusing flavors inspired by regional and traditional specialties such as peppermint from Piedmont, Sicilian pistachio, and vanilla from Madagascar.

This gelateria also offers a variety of ways to enjoy your gelato, from sandwiches and cakes to sticks. It’s a different take on indulgence that is just a short 5-minute walk from Piazza del Duomo, making it a sweet escape in the heart of the city!

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