6 Best Italian Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Are you looking for the best Italian motorcycle helmet brands?

No one can predict when or where an accident will happen.

With the untimely passing of Thomas Edward Lawrence (“Lawrence of Arabia”), a new era in motorcycle safety began. He was a soldier who became legendary for his actions in the Middle East during World War I and died from brain injuries he sustained in a motorbike accident.

A helmet is a necessary piece of equipment for motorcyclists. Having one is a must, as it is the most important among all your motorcycle accessories.

But first, let’s delve into how the helmet began.

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The word “helmet” was first used in the mid-15th century.  Some say it is derived from helm, an Old English word that refers to a protective head covering. Other sources claim the word came from the Old French heaumet, or heaume in Modern French. “Helmet” is suggested to be a diminutive of helme, which came from the same Germanic source as helm.

The first motorcycle helmets are said to date from 1914. They were very rudimentary head covering made of leather or hides,serving to protect the motorcycle riders against the cold and not exactly designed to help prevent injuries to your head during a serious fall or crash which can cause brain damage or even death.

The first obligatory use of the motorcycle helmet was in the Isle of Man TT races that same year.

In 1935, the famous British Army officer, T.E. Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia died as a consequence of the injuries he had suffered in a motorcycle accident. This emphasized the risk of motorcycle riding without the properly safety gear.

The Lawrence of Arabia tragedy resulted in the British Army becoming the first official organization to make protecting the head of motorcycle riders obligatory during World War II. It was in 1941 that the motorcycle riders of the British Army were obliged to wear helmets.

Motorcycle helmets have come a long way since. Today’s helmets can be made with sturdier materials such as carbon fiber and Kevlar composites, which are ultra lightweight materials that can withstand the high impact during a fall or a collision.

Motorcycle helmets come in a wide variety of designs to suit your personal taste. If you choose wisely, you can get a great helmet that will last for many rides.

This Italian motorcycle helmet brands list might help you choose the perfect helmet for your next ride.

6 Best Italian Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Here are the 6 best motorcycle helmet brands Made in Italy.

1. AGV 

6 Best Italian Motorcycle Brands
AGV motorycle helmet
Photo Courtesy: AGV

First on our list of the best Italian motorcycle helmet brands is AGV.

Founded in 1946, this company believes that safety alone is not enough. The safety, functionality, and comfort of AGV helmets are of the utmost importance.

The obsession with detail that goes above and beyond the requirements creates a new quality standard. By carefully coordinating the production procedures, material selection, and functional design of each component, AGV guarantees that the final product will perform above and beyond certification standards.

When it comes to the mechanism, the visor on AVG helmets is up to 70% smaller than those found in comparable helmets from other manufacturers. It’s small, so it can’t be covered by the shell of EPS liners. This tiny mechanism enables the use of a visor that is broader at the sides, improving the rider’s ability to see around corners and avoid collisions.
The visors of AVG helmets can be up to 4x thicker than a typical visor. It’s not a vulnerable spot but rather a protective barrier within the helmet’s overall defense mechanism.
AVG also invented a special collarbone-protecting profile that greatly lessens the possibility of the helmet fracturing the collarbone during a collision.

2. Nolan

6 Best Italian Motorcycle Helmet Brands
Nolan N87 Moto-Gp Helmet
Photo Courtesy: Nolan Helmets

Next on our list of the best Italian motorcycle helmet brands is Nolan. Founded in 1972, Nolan’s firm has grown to become the leading helmet producer in Europe.

The company’s product lineup includes the Nolan and Grex brands of polycarbonate helmets, as well as the X-lite brand of composite fiber helmets. N-Com, developed by the Nolan Group, is an integrated suite of communication systems that meets all applicable standards.

The Nolan Group S.p.A. factories have been certified as compliant with the quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and SG (CPSA Japan) because of the company’s dedication to producing high-quality goods at every level of the manufacturing process.

Maximum protection is provided by helmets of the flip-up and hybrid variety when the chin guard is down or in place, and reduced protection when the chin guard is up or removed.

All Nolan Group products are P/J homologated and meet the standards set forth by the UN/ECE for full-face helmets in the chin guard area.

Nolan Group conducts additional endurance tests for “hybrid” helmets in addition to those mandated by law. These tests focus on the mechanical resistance of the chin guard.

Nolan Group is pleased to announce that the Nolan, X-lite, and Grex products tested by SHARP, the premier independent test system sponsored by the British Government, have received a minimum of 4 stars.

In addition, the chin guard latch reliability of all flip-up helmets has been rated as excellent. The chin guards on all 30 models tested by SHARP remained fully closed during the collisions.

3. Caberg

6 Best Italian Motorcycle Helmet Brands
Caberg helmet with Mirror Visor
Photo Courtesy: Caberg

Constant forward thinking combined with fascinating design, cutting-edge technology, and ground-breaking innovation resulted in the conception and production of multiple successful models featuring novel features praised and recognized by motorcyclists throughout the world.

Caberg, believing in the enormous development potential of the touring business, was the first Italian manufacturer to introduce a flip-up helmet (system helmet) to the market and the second internationally.

Caberg, one of the best motorcycle helmet brands in Italy, has built its reputation on producing high-quality smart helmets that successfully merge style and function. This easily made Caberg one of the most popular motorcycle helmet brands from Italy.

The management, production, and testing divisions are all centrally housed in a state-of-the-art structure, ensuring that all products pass all mandatory compliance tests and provide the best in safety and comfort for motorcyclists.

The manufacturer goes through rigorous quality checks at every stage, which has resulted in eight out of the ten range models receiving a top rating in the SHARP safety test conducted by the United Kingdom’s Department of Transport.

Most of Europe’s markets are accessible, and the company also has a presence in markets outside of Europe, including Turkey, Israel, Kuwait, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Mexico, and many more states in South America.

4. Airoh

6 Best Italian Motorcycle Helmet Brands
Italian motocross racer Alessandro Lupino wearing an Airoh motorcycle helmet
Photo Courtesy: Airoh

Airoh, one of the best Italian motorcycle helmet brands, was founded on the idea that everyone who enjoys riding a bike should have access to the same high-quality, safe, and innovative helmet worn by road and off-road champions.

Surely that’s what Antonio Locatelli was thinking when he founded the Locatelli Corporation in 1986. He built Locatelli S.p.A., an Italian helmet manufacturer for some of the biggest names in the business, over the course of more than a decade, honing his abilities and refining his craft along the way.

As a result of his significant experience and understanding of the product and market, he established the Airoh brand in 1997. The goal is simple: to provide every motorcyclist with a helmet on par with the ones used in motorcycle racing in terms of safety and technological advancements.

5. Osbe

6 Best Italian Motorcycle Helmet Brands
Osbe helmets
Photo Courtesy: Osbe Italy

Osbe has been at the forefront of helmet technology and design for well over fifty years. This includes producing integrated communication systems, which has made Osbe one of the most popular Italian motorcycle helmet brands.

Concern for safety in everything they do is central to their business. In the company’s pursuit of the highest possible expression of “Made in Italy,” they strive to create excellence for riders to use as protection during everyday adventures.

Osbe has opted to stay in Italy, where the full production cycle, from concept to final product, takes place within the company’s own Made in Italy infrastructure.

The Urban helmet has received full attention and, as a result, Osbe now holds a position of joint leadership in the market.

Since 1976, every single Osbe helmet has been created entirely in Italy using cutting-edge techniques and innovative materials such as high thermoplastic resin and other materials from the most recent generation that are both strong and long-lasting. No wonder it has become one of the most trusted Italian motorcycle helmet brands.

6. Suomy

6 Best Italian Motorcycle Helmet Brands
Suomy motorcycle helmet
Photo Courtesy: Suomy

Since its beginning in 1997, the Italian firm’s focus has been solely on the racing industry, which provides invaluable feedback and data for helmet design and development. Since then it has been one of the most sought-after motorcycle helmet brands in Italy.

Suomy joined forces with Ducati, a premier manufacturer of racing motorcycles, in the year 2000. As a result of this partnership, the best Ducati riders in the Superbike World Championship will now be equipped with Suomy Helmets.

This Italian motorcycle helmet brand is thriving, having made significant technological advancements and built a first-rate design and R&D division.

More than 20 World Championships have been won by this Italian helmet brand’s racing teams, and every year the company’s selection of helmets grows and improves to include new and exciting designs for every type of racer and every type of terrain – from the racetrack to the off-road, and even open-face options.

While the manufacturing process is being outsourced, the design, research and development, marketing, and sales teams, as well as a sizable portion of the helmets’ raw materials and components, are all still being done in Italy.

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