10 Best Restaurants in Trieste, Italy

Are you in search of the best restaurants in Trieste, Italy?

The city of Trieste, capital of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Northern Italy, boasts one of the largest and most significant ports along the Adriatic Sea. It used to be the primary harbor during its time as part of the Austrian Empire. Today, a section of the port from that era is closed to the public but you can have a glimpse of it from the nearby parking lot. This important port connects Northern Italy to Austria, Germany, and Central Europe. It was the last stop on the maritime Silk Road, connecting it to Turkey and the Suez Canal.

Exploring the city of Trieste will amaze you with its beautiful architecture. You’ll see impressive fountains and detailed façades, as well as former palaces and other structures. One of the biggest synagogues in Europe and a 19th-century Serbian Orthodox Church, with its gold mosaics and spires, can be found in the city.

Trieste is a rare gem, offering both a coastal setting and nearby forest trails, perfect for those seeking an escape. Nestled beneath a lengthy karstic mountain ridge that spans the Italian-Slovenian border, the town is blessed with numerous parks – from Parco di Villa Giulia to Bosco Farneto and Parco di San Giovanni, Trieste presents plenty of opportunities for forest walks.

To delve into the city’s Roman heritage, a visit to the Roman Amphitheater is a must. Despite its age, the amphitheater remains partially intact, providing insights into seating arrangements and the location of the stage. While strolling along the narrow streets, you’ll also stumble upon the Arco di Riccardo, an arch constructed in 33 BC that still stands today. Nearby, a charming piazza filled with bars invites you to indulge in an aperitivo after exploring these historical sites.

Trieste takes great pride in its coffee culture, and its iconic cafés bear testimony to this heritage. These establishments have stood for over a century, exuding a nostalgic charm with their unique Art Nouveau architecture and exceptional coffee and delectable dishes, particularly appealing to those with a sweet tooth.

Dining in Italy is always an extraordinary experience, with tantalizing dishes that could inspire spontaneous flights to savor them. Trieste, however, offers a twist by incorporating influences from Germanic cuisine alongside the delectable delicacies of Italian fare.

Noteworthy historical restaurants in Trieste serve the mouthwatering la jota triestina, a winter soup comprising beans, sauerkraut, potatoes, and pork, which may feel more at home in Austria than in Italy. And of course, don’t miss out on Trieste’s famous coffee, craft beers, and wines – and of course, pastries, which are simply irresistible.

Let’s check out the finest places to eat and drink at in Trieste.

10 Best Restaurants in Trieste, Italy

Here’s a list of the best restaurants in Trieste, Italy, for an amazing dining experience.

1. Biancospino Ristorante

10 Best Restaurants in Trieste, Italy
Biancospino Ristorante
Via Armando Diaz, 1, 34121 Trieste TS, Italy

Don’t overlook this amazing restaurant just because it doesn’t have a terrace! Biancospino is a nice and peaceful place, with the food much better than you’ll ever expect, even for Italian standards. Every dish you try will make you very satisfied.

They have a delicious charcuterie board, homemade pasta, and incredible Italian steak. The staff are friendly, professional, and really love their food. You should start with the tasty beef tartare and creamy burrata. Then, try the pasta with chicken – it’s really good. The boar cheeks are also delicious.

They have many wines from the local region, but the house red wine is especially good. And even if you’re full, you have to try the limoncello dessert and the New York cheesecake to end your meal. The prices are fair for such good food. No wonder Biancospino is one of the best restaurants in Trieste!

Biancospino is an absolute gem, providing superb food, a delightful atmosphere, and top-notch service. If you’re looking for an authentic dining experience in Trieste, this place comes highly recommended. It’s a great experience you shouldn’t miss.

2. Alla Bella Trieste

10 Best Restaurants in Trieste, Italy
Alla Bella Trieste
Via Massimo D’Azeglio, 19, 34129 Trieste TS, Italy

Experience the delights of a charming, family-run tavern offering local fish, hearty traditional dishes, and a selection of wines and craft beers. Alla Bella Trieste offers a remarkable dining experience for anyone exploring the area. Although English may not be widely spoken here, the friendly and helpful staff ensure a welcoming atmosphere.

You will love this small, cozy Italian restaurant with a traditional guest house ambiance and friendly owners and staff who consistently deliver excellent cuisine. The overall ambiance is relaxed, and it feels like a part of the neighborhood.

Indulge in homemade-style cuisine that is both delicious and comforting. We highly recommend the freshly-made ravioli and the crispy fried calamari. Also make sure to sample their Parmigiana and zuppa di cozze, the queen scallops, and the delectable spaghetti with squid. Enhance your meal with a chilled glass of white wine, the perfect complement. And make sure not to skip dessert!

Alla Bella Trieste is simply outstanding, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, friendly service, and prices that perfectly match the quality of the food. Whether you’re enjoying the great selection of table wines or the variety of beers on tap, you won’t be disappointed. It’s no exaggeration to say that you’ll have the best dining experience in Trieste!

3. Rustiko

10 Best Restaurants in Trieste, Italy
Via della Madonnina, 19a, 34100 Trieste TS, Italy

Rustiko is a Serbian restaurant in Trieste that offers a truly unique and authentic dining experience, making you feel like you’re at home. The ambiance is fantastic, with eclectic and colorful decor throughout, topped with great music and excellent service. The Serbian food is top-notch and will keep you satisfied for days.

The atmosphere here is fun, a bit eclectic and interesting. They have an extensive menu featuring delicious Serbian dishes, particularly beef-based ones, as well as a great selection of beers. The staff are friendly and patient, creating a welcoming experience. They even have a digital English menu.

You must try Rustiko’s tasting platter for two, which takes your taste buds on a cultural journey. Pair it with an unfiltered and unpasteurized draft beer, and you’re in for an incredible night. The sarma (stuffed cabbages) and pljeskavica (grilled patty) are both excellent, served in generous portions. All the dishes have a homemade feel to them.

If you’re craving a Serbian-style burger/panino, this is the place to go. The difference between a Serbian and a non-Serbian burger lies in the bread, which is more like panino bread, and the meat, which resembles cevapcici. The infernale burger is spicy but incredibly delicious. It comes with ajvar – a condiment made of eggplant and sweet bell peppers – and plenty of red onions. Their goulash is fantastic, and they serve the biggest sandwiches you’ve ever seen in Italy. The baklava and crepes are also large and delicious. The moussaka (eggplant casserole) and prebranac (baked beans) are the best you’ll find anywhere!

4. Enoteca Nanut Trieste

10 Best Restaurants in Trieste, Italy
Enoteca Nanut Trieste
Via Genova, 10/E, 34122 Trieste TS, Italy

One of the best restaurants in Trieste, Enoteca Nanut is not pretentious or extravagant but rather cozy, familiar, and inviting. They have a handwritten menu, but don’t worry – the host will gladly translate it for you. The food is absolutely delicious and the owner expertly pairs the dishes with wines that elevate the entire dining experience, making each bite feel heavenly.

While the place may be small, it’s definitely worth squeezing past the busy bar to reach the comfortable dining room at the back. The menu may also be smallish, but the owner can make numerous suggestions to cater to your taste and introduce you to local products. Every dish is made with fresh ingredients, reasonably priced, and incredibly tasty. The friendly staff create a semi-formal setting that adds to the overall experience.

For wine lovers, this place is a paradise. They have an extensive and excellent selection of wines, including ones made from local grapes that are rarely found elsewhere. You’ll find a huge collection and plenty of choices by the glass. They also offer a small menu of antipasti, primi, and secondi. Try their tuna tartare and tagliata di manzo – both are fantastic!

Every bite and sip at this restaurant is a pleasure to enjoy. It’s a true little gem in Trieste that you don’t want to miss out on.

5. Trattoria Al Nuovo Antico Pavone

10 Best Restaurants in Trieste, Italy
Trattoria Al Nuovo Antico Pavone
Riva Grumula, 2, 34123 Trieste TS, Italy

Trattoria Al Nuovo Antico Pavone is one of the best seafood restaurants in Trieste, known for its exceptional cuisine and dedication to quality.

The trattoria offers a fantastic selection of fish dishes, including a delicious starter with raw fish and a delectable chocolate cake for dessert. Their menu reflects the freshness of their ingredients, and their appetizers, such as carpaccio of swordfish and pineapple, are a delightful introduction to their main courses.

The dishes at Trattoria Al Nuovo Antico Pavone are not only tasty but also beautifully presented. One of the highlights is the fish in a salt crust, presented ceremoniously at the table. The mixed gratin is a standout, perfectly balancing the gratin element without overshadowing the flavors of the ingredients. Their fusilloni with amberjack is a must-try, and the skewer of swordfish and Pachino tomatoes offers a tender and flavorful combination. The classic grilled squid is also a favorite. For a delightful finale, indulge in the Catalan cream dessert.

The trattoria follows the tradition of Trieste’s great seafood restaurants, preparing simple yet skillfully executed dishes with high-quality ingredients. The ambiance exudes a charming retro feel. The prices are reasonable, considering the quality and portion sizes, making it a feast for both the eyes and the palate. The attentive and friendly staff guarantee a memorable dining experience with prompt service.

6. Antica Hostaria da Libero

10 Best Restaurants in Trieste, Italy
Antica Hostaria da Libero
Via Risorta, 7/A, 34131 Trieste TS, Italy

Antica Hostaria da Libero is a historic and authentic hidden gem in Trieste. Owned by a long-standing family, this restaurant offers outstanding dishes and attentive, knowledgeable staff.

Once inside, you’ll be greeted with a warm ambiance and a decent selection of single malt Scotch whiskies to enhance your dining experience. The food is heavenly, featuring the best of traditional Italian cuisine. The menu is crafted daily, so you’re assured you’re getting fresh and authentic dishes, each of which showcases mastery of Italian flavors that will leave you wanting more.

Highlights of the antipasto include the mouthwatering truffle pear marmalade with cheese. Don’t miss the homemade pasta and gnocchi, which are simply fantastic! Highly recommended are the pomodorini and pesto e speck pasta.

This restaurant goes beyond dining; it’s an exceptional experience. The medieval ambiance adds charm, making it perfect for meals with loved ones or a special someone. It’s the epitome of a perfect restaurant, offering intimacy and a personal touch. Though a bit challenging to find, its hidden quality sets it apart.

When in Trieste, make sure to visit this culinary haven for a genuine experience. Booking a table in advance is recommended due to limited seating.

7. Antica Trattoria Suban

10 Best Restaurants in Trieste, Italy
Antica Trattoria Suban
Via Emilio Comici, 2, 34128 Trieste TS, Italy

The Antica Trattoria Suban in Trieste, founded in 1865 by Giovanni Suban, has a rich culinary history spanning four generations. Located in the San Giovanni district, once a trade hub, this trattoria has gained national and international acclaim, having received accolades and awards for its cuisine.

This family-owned traditional restaurant offers excellent food and friendly service. The Subans personally engage with their guests, adding a personal touch to the dining experience. Although it may be slightly off the tourist path, it is definitely worth the visit. The restaurant has a historic ambiance, provides a scenic view, and serves traditional meat-based cuisine.

The menu features classic dishes such as smoked prosciutto appetizer, jota soup, and pork knuckle. It’s worth the short drive from downtown Trieste to savor authentic food from the Karst region. The grill allows you to witness the preparation of your meal, and the service staff may offer samples of other dishes. Save room for dessert, even if you feel full.

Antica Trattoria Suban embodies family, tradition, and a touch of innovation, making it among the top restaurants in Trieste. Reservations are recommended to secure a table.

8. All’Osteria di Casa Pepe

10 Best Restaurants in Trieste, Italy
All’Osteria di Casa Pepe
Via Nordio Aurelio e Fabio, 12, 34133 Trieste TS, Italy

Indulge in amazing Neapolitan pizza at All’Osteria di Casa Pepe. Don’t miss the Parmigiana pizza and the spicy Diavoletto Augusto, along with delicious meatballs in tomato sauce as an appetizer. If you’re craving pasta, they serve some of the best ones you’ll ever taste! Pair your meal with their excellent house white Friuliano.

While the location may not be ideal, the cozy interior makes up for it, especially when you’re tasting one of the best pizzas in town. The service is quick and friendly, providing the perfect pizzeria experience. Prices are reasonable, comparable to other pizzerias in Trieste.

Vegans will be delighted with the amazing vegan options available. The vegan cheese will leave you in awe, and the servers will even offer a separate vegan menu upon request. The space is beautiful and has a pleasant atmosphere. Make sure to try the pistachio e mortadelo pizza, and the vegan mozzarella made from rice milk.

All’Osteria di Casa Pepe offers a discrete atmosphere and incredible food. Explore their diverse menu, from starters to special dishes, and savor the unique flavors they have to offer.

9. Bracerie Venete

10 Best Restaurants in Trieste, Italy
Bracerie Venete
Via della Madonnina, 5, 34131 Trieste TS, Italy

Bracerie Venete may be tucked away, but it offers a dining experience like no other. While Trieste is known for its seafood, this place unapologetically focuses on meat dishes. The menu is set up for three courses, but you can choose to order as you please. Every guest receives a complimentary appetizer, and the dark and quiet ambiance gives the feeling of being at a cozy dinner party.

For those who appreciate meat-focused fine dining, Bracerie Venete comes highly recommended. The atmosphere and the service are both impressive, and the food truly to die for. The knowledgeable staff take the time to explain each dish and offer excellent recommendations. The receptionists are friendly and fluent in English.

As a top destination for meat lovers in Trieste, this restaurant serves Spanish beef and tantalizing tarts. The incredible food includes perfectly grilled steaks and delectable carpaccio. If you prefer your meat cooked to medium or well-done, simply ask the waiter to use the torch. They also offer pasta dishes without meat, accompanied by a selection of vegetables.

The wine selection is extensive and well-curated, catering to all tastes and budgets. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy local, hard-to-find bottles as well as a complimentary prosecco aperitif.

Bracerie Venete is truly one of the best restaurants in Trieste for its exceptional food, attentive service, impressive wine list, and inviting atmosphere.

10. Novecento Restaurant

10 Best Restaurants in Trieste, Italy
Novecento Restaurant
Piazza della Repubblica, 1, 34122 Trieste TS, Italy

Novecento Restaurant in Trieste celebrates the city’s diverse culinary traditions influenced by European and Balkan cultures. It provides a unique culinary experience that combines tradition with modern flavors.

Using premium local and international ingredients, they offer innovative dishes that cater to contemporary palates. With a pleasant early-1900s ambiance, guests can enjoy a range of delicacies from appetizers to main courses. The restaurant also boasts an impressive selection of local wines and prestigious international labels in its visible wine cellar.

Located within the historic Riunione Adriatica di Sicurtà (RAS) Palace, Novecento Restaurant offers a beautiful setting. The staff at Novecento are friendly, and the overall dining experience is exceptional. The carbonara and legume soup are particularly excellent, showcasing the restaurant’s spectacular food. After the meal, guests can enjoy coffee in the charming adjacent sitting room.

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